Design concept 設計理念
至高無上 Supremacy
設計人:胡焱榮 Soofeen Hu
2020 | 18.5 x 8.7 x 2 cm | 150 g


The work is designed and carved from the black emerald that originated from Cambodia. The imagery of the Buddha floating on a lotus leaf conveys the Buddha's selflessness and compassion, presenting the meaning of "not seeking happiness for himself, but wishing all sentient beings to be free from suffering". It is only with such great aspirations, broad-mindedness, and good morals that one can achieve the supreme achievement. Surrounding the buddhas are five lotus leaves and nine koi below, which not only expresses the dynamic beauty, but also conveys the meaning of the Supremacy in nine and five. In ancient times, the emperor was honored as the King of nine and five, since the number nine has the noblest meaning, and five is with the meaning of reconciliation. Therefore, the combination of the two numbers is noble and harmonious and has an incomparable auspicious meaning. 
The artist also uses this as a metaphor for the fact that everyone can develop a Buddha's mind and practice Buddha's actions. The three lotus flowers blooming in the work represent the fruit of wisdom blooming for the benefit of all sentient beings, which should be the most honorable thing in life.